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Moola’s Enterprise Resource Planning system, developed from the PC software system, has benefited hundreds of North American machinery and equipment distributors. MOOLA has teamed up with experts from the United States to successfully pack the entire structure of a complex management system into a very simple mobile application.

The designers of Moola have over 75 years of experience building retail management systems for the distribution channels of Fortune 500 companies in the United States and Canada, names like Ford Motor Company, Honda, J I Case, Kubota, New Holland, Nissan and many more. With additional experience in international banking systems, Moola has a strong heritage. Moola has taken this experience into the next century by leveraging the power, flexibility and mobility of smart phones and tablets.

Retail management is a multi faceted problem at any level; purchasing stock, tracking inventory, attracting customers, managing receivables, reporting for management and governments, and so much more all need to be coordinated efficiently to be successful. Moola does all that and more from the convenience of your pocket.





Customer care

Manage customer information and customer care tools.

Asset management

Manage asset information: Purchase, Handover staff, Depreciation, Liquidation.


Track your order easily, count ordered items and notify users automatically.

Task management

Assign, manage tasks and figure out KPI easily.

Finance - Accounting

Business owner can track every changes in time by automatic accounting on Moola.

Inventory management

Easy to manage both products and accessories in warehouse.

Process management

Easy to configure with staff permissions according to role and job position.

Chain management

Increase sales opportunities with search function and internal freight rotation.

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